Luxury and Mid-Century Hotels

Automobiles ushered in a new era for Spokane. (Photograph courtesy of the Washington State Digital Archives)

The invention of the automobile meant brought some marvelous changes to Spokane.  The streets and roads became paved and highways into the city were a new, popular method of travel.  In the early 1910s, a new type of visitor began to arrive in the city – one who could afford a car.  These travelers needed a more luxurious place to stay and the SROs simply wouldn’t do.  This need was met by high class hotels like the Davenport.

By the 1950s, a new type of motorist was soon on the road after the Washington Highway System was completed.  These “road warriors” were travelers who would take road trips throughout the state during weekends and holidays.  The fancy new motor inns were the perfect place to rest their weary heads after a long day on the road.

The most famous and most luxurious hotel in Spokane is The Davenport.