The Buena Vista and Hotel Vallamont – 1904

Architect/Builder: Albert Keats and William Bacon

The Buena Vista and Hotel Vallamont are a unique pairing of apartments and hotel.  Both were erected at the same time during the time Spokane began expanding after recovering from the 1893 panic.  The land these two buildings were erected on was originally owned by the Northern Pacific Railroad.  The land was eventually purchased by Albert Keats and William Bacon who then built on the land in response to the city’s need for housing due to the influx of working-class men and women.  Located near the city center, they offered housing for those with a moderate income who wanted to reside in a safe neighborhood.

The Buena Vista and Hotel Vallamont were a unique set of hotels available for workers and families. (Photograph courtesy of the Spokane Historic Preservation Office)

The Hotel Vallamont was first managed by Lilla Probst who was a widow of the pioneer George Probst.  Occupants of both the Vallamont and Buena Vista included school teachers, photographers, hairdressers, bookkeepers, cashiers, tailors, stockmen, and clerks.  While most of the working-class hotels had commercial space on the ground floor, these buildings did not.  Although it did house a café managed by William T. Chapman.  The Hotel Vallamont side of the property was eventually converted into apartments in response to the change in need from working-class to family dwellings.

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