The Tiki Lodge – 1966

Architect: Max Kevin

The Tiki Lodge has been welcoming guests with their heated pool and comfortable rooms since 1966. They even have color T.V.! (Image via The Inlander)

Located in downtown Spokane not far from the Trade Winds Motel, the Tiki Lodge is the “other” Spokane motel with the popular mid-century tiki theme.  It is said that popular 1960’s movies like Blue Hawaii inspired the Tiki Lodge theme.  At the Tiki Lodge, guests can pull in and park directly in front of their rooms which was considered a small luxury for the weary traveler.  Rooms featured air-conditioning, dial phones, and color TV.  The pool was even heated for those cold winter nights!  The short, two-story, L shaped building catered to the automobile traveler as road tripping became a popular American past-time.   The highway system in Washington was the best way to travel and cars drove right near the downtown area, making this motel an easy stop for a night of rest.  The motel fell into disrepair over the years under the name “Select Hotel,” but was brought back to life and rechristened with it’s original name in 2014. 

Find Me! 1420 W. 2nd Ave., Spokane, WA

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